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Campus Life


The international students can choose to live in Long Yuan International Student Dormitory or rent apartment outside the campus. According to the regulations and laws, those choosing to live outside the campus shall take his/her passport and the householder’s residence booklet to process temporary residence registration at the local police station within 24 hours after moving into the apartment.

Each room has its own bathroom with hot-water shower, and is well-furnished internet socket, TV, telephone and air-conditioner. At the dormitory, shared kitchen is also provided for the students.



       International students can apply for a Dining Card at the Card Service Office in the Administration Building. Students may have meals in the dinning hall with this card.


Mailing Service

There is a post office on campus besides the university’s South Gate.

The address of Shenyang Sport University:

_____Room,International Students Dormitory, Shenyang Sport University

36 Jin Qian Song East Road, Su Jia Tun District, Shenyang City, China

Post code: 110102



         The Shenyang Sport University Campus Hospital is equipped with sufficient medical facilities that are accessible to our students. The Campus Hospital is located at the southwest gate of track field. Students may also visit the neighboring hospitals near the university.

         Other main hospitals in Shenyang include: The First Hospital of China Medical University, Sheng Jing Hospital of China Medical University, Stomatology Hospital of China Medical University, ect.

         All international students must be medically insured. The health plan purchased by the students must at least provide medical coverage for Accidental Injures and Hospitalization. Self-funded students must purchase their own insurance.


Banking Service

Students can also withdraw money in RMB from ATM machines (ATM machines of China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China are on the first floor in the cafeteria)


Bank of China offers services of currency exchange (including traveler’s cheque and etc.) and deposit of RMB and foreign currencies. Passport and Residence Permit need to be provided for currency exchange. For more details, please consult with banks.

The Service Phone Number of Bank of China: 95566

The banks that are located nearby Shenyang Sport University

- Postal Services Bank of China                  Address: 43 Feng Yang Road, Su Jia Tun District

Tel: 024-89813588

- China Construction Bank                         Address: 28 Xue Song Road, Su Jia Tun District

Tel: 024-89122388

- Agricultural Bank of China                      Address: 44 Xue Song Road, Su Jia Tun District

Tel: 024-89110998

- Industrial and Commercial Bank of China  Address: 13 Ta Bai Road, Su Jia Tun District

Tel: 024-89812219



The No. 327 and No. 333 buses round the campus can take you from ShenyangBei Railway Station to our school. The terminal of No. 327 Bus is Shenyang Railway Station. Shenyang TaoXian International Airport is 18 kilometers away from the University, students can take taxi to the airport.

Consulting Numbers:

Shenyang Railway Station:   024-23406699

              Shenyang Bei Station:          024-62041168  

              Su Jia Tun Station:                 024-62077382

              Hu Yue Coach Terminal:       024-88557766

              South Coach Terminal:          024-23862387

              Shenyang Tao Xian Airport:  024-89392000



Contact:  Yu Jia, Gao Hongyan, Liu Shuyan   Tel: 0086-24-89166623(89166262)     Fax:0086-24-89166623
Address: International Exchange Department, Shenyang Sport University 36 Jinqiansong East Road, Sujiatun District,Shenyang, China Post Code: 110102