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Sports Art Department

The Sports Art Department offers programs of specialties of aerobics and acting. 6 professors and associate professors and 24 lecturers staff the faculties of aerobics and sports art. 536 undergraduates and 15 postgraduates are presently registered in the department.

Acting Specialty ( concentrating on sports dancing )

1.        Main Courses: basic theory and skills of acting, sports acting repertoire, introduction to art, literary nurturing, basic theory of music, basic dancing skills, specialty theory and practice.

2.        Academic Duration: 4 years (duration can be shortened by 1 year or extended by 1-2 years), 169 credits to be fulfilled.

3.        Main Lab Courses: sports anatomy, sports physiology, sports medicine.

4.        Degree: B.A.


Contact:  Yu Jia, Gao Hongyan, Liu Shuyan   Tel: 0086-24-89166623(89166262)     Fax:0086-24-89166623
Address: International Exchange Department, Shenyang Sport University 36 Jinqiansong East Road, Sujiatun District,Shenyang, China Post Code: 110102