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Campus facilities

Shenyang Sport University enjoys first class facilities. The library of the school, with a collection of more than 700000 copies of books, is the North-east Sport Literature and Information Center . Based on digital information and network and supported by computer and cyber technology, the campus provides a modernized and efficient service to teaching, training, scientific research, administration and campus life. Classrooms, gyms and halls, and laboratories are well-equipped and functioned. Dormitories and dinning halls are environmentally friendly, clean and cozy.



The on-campus sports facilities include the following:

1.        Track and Field Gym

2.        Fitness Center

3.        Badminton Hall

4.        Basketball Gym

5.        Tennis Hall

6.        Volleyball Hall

7.        Swimming Gym

8.        Table Tennis Hall

9.        Boxing Gym

10.    Dance Sport Hall



International students may use the above mentioned services with Student ID cards and pay relevant fees.



Contact:  Yu Jia, Gao Hongyan, Liu Shuyan   Tel: 0086-24-89166623(89166262)     Fax:0086-24-89166623
Address: International Exchange Department, Shenyang Sport University 36 Jinqiansong East Road, Sujiatun District,Shenyang, China Post Code: 110102